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Lassi Area

Lassi is a beautiful and peaceful area about 1.5 km away from Argostoli – the capital of Kefalonia. Due to its location Lassi is considered as an excellent choice for visitors, since they can enjoy their holidays in one of the most wonderful resorts of Kefalonia, while having easy access to all other locations of the island. Geographically, it is located opposite of Lixouri, another world know area of Kefalonia.

Lassi is a unique area, which covers all travelers requirement. It’s a great place that combines relaxation and fun. Across the area, there are plenty shopping stores, cafes and restaurants. Vacations in Greece and most certainty in Kefalonia, require enjoying traditional food and drinks. You will be surprised by the variety of choices and the amazing local products, which are produced on the island.

There are plenty of sandy beaches across Lassi. The world known beach “Makris Gialos” is only 1km away from Lassi Hotel. Moreover, there are smaller beaches such as “Gradakia” or “Kalamia” that one can go for swim, relax and enjoy the sun.

Enjoy your summer holidays, while taking a long walk from Lassi to Argostoli using the seaside road and visit the lighthouse of Saint Theodore. The route is full of trees and has a great sea view. You will even notice smaller beaches across this route. The lighthouse is there since 1928 and travelers find it ideal for photography. We suggest visiting it during the evening and enjoy one of the most amazing Greek sunsets. At the end of this route, just before arriving to Argostoli, you will see “Catavothres”. This location is known as one of the great mysterie, which is defined as an extremely rare geological phenomenon that takes place only on the island of Kefalonia. The short story – which was verified at 1963 – describes that the water follows an underground route, crossing the island in the north – west for about 17 km and then crosses two other areas (Melissani Lake and Karavomilos Lake in the area of Sami) before emerging again in the sea.

Nearest attractions

Lighthouse of Saint Theodore is almost 3,70 km on the costal road from Lassi towards Argostoli.
“Acqui Division” War Memorial is a few meters before you reach the Lighthous os Saint Theodore. (3,60 km)
De Bosset Bridge is located by the port of Argostoli and it is only 2,10 km away from Lassi.
Koutavos Lagoon is located at the same area as De Bosset Bridge.
Saint George Castle is located a few kilometers outside of Argostoli and about 9,5 km from Lassi.

Further attractions

Monastery of Kipoureon is located at Lixouri about 44,30 km away from Lassi.
Monastery of Saint Gerasimou is located at Valsamata Village and about 16,4 km from Lassi.
Mount Ainos is
a National Park about 30,10 km from Lassi. Visits applies to restrictions.
Drogarati cave
is on the road from Lassi to Sami and about of 27,30 km away.
Melissani Lake Cave
is on the ara of Karavolimos and about 29,90 km away from Lassi.

Distance from ports/airport/city

The hotel is 27km away. from the port of Sami and 41km. from the harbor of Poros. Kefalonia International Airport is 5km from Lassi Hotel. The capital of Argostoli is just 1.5km away and within 10 minutes on foot there are restaurants, bars and stores.

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